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Words – coming easily?

BMW satellite

NOTHING to do with this post whatsoever but carrying on from the previous entry I stumbled upon this photo taken about 9 years ago of the car multi-tasking in France. Old BMWs do have their uses. Bless her.

Words – coming easily?

Just heard a song being played on the radio the first line of which, and incidentally is the title of the song, goes as follows: (pling) Words (pling pling pling) don’t come easy, to me… etc., etc.,.

Every writer’s worse nightmare I imagine and I can’t help but find myself cringing cowardly which has nothing to do with my drinking 100ml of fresh cabbage juice. Disgusting! Even with my commendable effort of trying to disguise the taste by mixing it with the juice of freshly-pulped apples. The bit in me that is German is not a fan of cabbage at least not in this way. My German-born father never ate sauerkraut. In fact, I do believe, like me he thought sauerkraut was a grumpy German. Anyway! Hello, my dears, and sincerely sorry I’m a day late with my own words as I had (and still do) every intention of doing a weekly blog, however, I got caught up in my latest creative adventure. I won’t say too much at this point in case it all goes pear-shaped. So, if I don’t mention it again you can draw your own conclusions and quite possibly will be spot on.


Until next time. Don’t forget your thermals it is freezing out. Expect snow anytime now. In fact, there’s a spot on the window, hang on, no, it’s a bird dropping… and why are these spaces so big in between my paragraphs! Oh, wonderful. Something else I have to figure out.


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Can you hold a wake for a car?

car RIP

I was just wondering, I mean, my old girl clocked up the miles a fair bit in England before getting me over to France and incidentally where she was to enjoy the delights of their most excellent roads. Ah yes, the roads in France are well constructed, completely empty during lunchtime (lunch is taken seriously and almost religiously) and signposted to a superior standard. How Bonnie Tyler ever got lost in France remains a mystery. She then got me over to Germany, that’s my car not Bonnie who obviously couldn’t find her way out of a paper bag, where eventually she submitted to ill-health resulting in her demise.

Only fitting I suppose, conking out in the country of her birth. She’s now sitting rather forlornly in a barely-used car park situated just outside the village. I send my ex down to check on her. And to scrape off any accumulated bird droppings. And to ensure she hasn’t any stroppy letters from the bureaucrats stuck to her windscreen along with adverts for a new massage parlour that’s just opened in town.

I’ve arranged for a friend to remove her better parts and sell them on ebay. Her remains will go for scrap. She’ll be picked like a chicken removing all the good bits until she is down to her bare bones, albeit a very big chicken.

RIP my old girl. It was good while it lasted.

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Books, Books, Books

Logo featuring my books

Excellent composition featuring my eBooks to date. This is available as a coaster ideal for your cup of coffee or tea which you can be drinking whilst having a break and reading my stuff.

My website can be found at – look forward to seeing you there!

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